This site is for and about all things Katie Doll. A gift to us from God who should never be forgotten.  This will be a place to learn about Katie and share our memories, photos, stories and videos of the best thing that ever happened to Taylors South Carolina.
    Most of this site was done while Katie was still in the world so some of the language may be in error. Thank you for your visit here and please stay safe.
Katies goats 'Beavis & Butthead'
Katie loves all the animals too,which of course includes rabbits
July 4th 2007 setting off fireworks and    wanting everyone to see them all.
With her favorite pet 'BELLE"
Kind and dedicated Anna & Heather with little Katie Doll in her bed at Greenville Memorial Hospital at 2 a.m. April 6th 2008.
The Katie Doll waiting room April 6 2008
At her niece Jadence 3rd birthday party.
With Jadence at Appleby's in April 2007
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Last photo of Katie 2 days before the accident. With brother and the peanutguy..
Sandy and Mindy @ GHS    (2 of the best)
The Guardians in a very rare smile.
At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.       Matthew 11:25

Speaking why Veterans Day is important
         Katie got her 'moon boots' 4-14-08
These help keep her legs & feet from deforming 
easy to
Brandons hospital sleepover
The Pratts brought positive thoughts to Katies room. Thumbs up from Matt who was himself in a coma for 6 weeks---->
4-22-08 Tom  (pnutguy)
Listening to Matts story
At school Katie learns about the blind.
Carson. A regular  in Katies room. BFF
Dedicated Angela hard at work in Katies room.
<-------Famous stock car racer David Pearson autographed this guitar which was auctioned at Katies benefit at the Blind Horse.

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Seen at the Benefit for Katie Sunday
Jen & Matt

Feb 9 1998  -  Feb 16 2012
Important note:  Katie Doll passed away in 2012. There should be no one soliciting donations using her name. If you find someone is, please contact the South Carolina Secretary of States office in Columbia S.C.
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strictly as a tribute to someone we all miss so very much.
Carson and Tom 8 years later