Art teacher Ms. Smith awards Doll family for Katies 'Hen Party'  April 25 2008
Katies art on display at the Greenville Fine Arts Center
     All other art displayed are high school or above.
                  Uncle Dougs art for Katie
Psalm 119 : 105
Your word is a lamp to my feet
  and a light for my path.
L is for Llama

Sometimes people think Llamas are camels
They are related, and they're mammals
They spit on people when they're mad
This is really very bad.

Hay and grass are what Llamas eat
Some of them grow to be six feet
Some live in pastures with a barn
Their wool is made into yarn.

Llamas come in colors like black
White, bay,and brown may be on their backs
Llamas can be very sweet
I think they are quite a treat.

By Katie Doll (3rd grade)
1st line of one of Katie's many songs
Uncle Doug
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