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I always felt it was an honor and maybe a duty. It was so strange how Katie came into my life and just 18 months before her accident and we bonded so well.  I'm not a big camera buff yet I felt compelled to take all those photos and videos right up to the day before her accident. Other than a dance recital I don't think there are any videos of her from before the accident. Her voice and personality that just drew everybody in is now preserved. I know God is using Katie via those videos and the website and it truly humbles me to have been a part of the plan.  -Tom Lowe
Hi Tom,
I spoke to you several years ago when Katie first had her accident, and we
did an article.We would like to do a follow-up to let everyone know how she's doing. if possible, we would love to come out and talk to you, her mom, and meet Katie.
It's very heartwarming to see her learning to walk again, and see photos of
her having fun with friends or at events. Let us know if you and the family would be interested in letting us write another article.Also we would like to ask why you have kept up the website all these years and kept updating it ?
Thanks,Julie HolcombeThe Greer Citizen

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Maria Hayes did NOT spend even close to 60 hours a week with Katie and was only there for a brief period. She is no longer there.