Here's two cool cats who didn't have a lot of cash on them so they went home and got their toys to bring to the Jockey Lot to sell so they would have some money for Katie.
We can all learn from these two.
Above is a wonderful lady who didn't know who I was and instead of trying to sell me something, pointed me to a donation jar with Katie's picture saying..."This is a girl who needs some help."
A surprise visit to this nice ladies store found that she had made a sign for Katie almost as big as her store's sign. I like it there at the Anderson Jockey Lot.
Ever hear an artist singing and think what great heart they must have? Here's the real deal.
I started seeing a rash of deposits into Katie's fundraiser account and took a trip to Anderson where I found a whole bunch of friends I didn't even know Katie had. Thanks Leighton for introducing me around. That Anderson Jockey Lot is a neat place.
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Cool sweatshirt--->
Katie will be wearing. Photo was Oct 20th.