These videos show Katies sparkling personality. When we made the first it was mostly a game about doing an ad about peanuts for the fun of it. I have several takes of this.  Everything she says came from her. She was the director. I wish I had more video of something other than about peanuts, but thats mostly what I have. I will be posting several more soon. Katie made everything fun. I was captivated and just let her go. I knew from when I first met Katie it was a blessing to be around her.  Katie puts her all into everything and just wanted people to love her half as much as she loved them. She did love. She is the real thing. I am honored to have known her.

What was making me take so many pictures of Katie I don't know. I knew she was important, and being around her was very special, but I'm not really a camera buff. Why am I doing this website ? In addition to helping me cope with missing her so much, I feel somehow it's my duty. I need to document. Why that is I don't know.  Looking for happiness? Katie shows us all how easy it is. Look beyond ourselves.  Love thy neighbor. Love the animals. Love life. "Have a life."
When I got home that night about 11 p.m. after the day we made the first video Katie sent me an email thanking me for the fun we had. Imagine that, she was 9. Katie always showed class. I still have it. I replied back with a joke attached and went to bed. Next day there were 2 emails from her the first had this joke..."What did the farmer give to his wife for their anniversary? at the bottom it said ..."hogs and kisses" 
The next email said "hurry Tom, it's my bedtime..."
She had wanted another joke. I wished I had stayed up. My best and most loved friend is a 10 year old girl. Someday I pray I can show this site to Katie. I did my best with that thought in mind. I think she will like it.

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