Start movie then right click on movie click ZOOM then FULL SCREEN
Katie's hosptal room for over 3 months in 2008

Katie gets her wish to be Baptised
in April 2008. When we didn't know if she would pull through.

Katie being fitted for her 
  wheelchair Fall 2008

    Back in July 2008
Home from the Hospital
March 20 2009
Notice Katie's right eyelid when she is asked to blink twice @ 1:44
You have to look closely but it's there!
Also,notice at 2:56 she bites her lower lip. This is new.
May God bring her back to us soon.
Apr 8th 2009
April 22 2009
Note: To watch any of the YouTube videos FULL SCREEN, just go to youtube and type the video title in the search bar,then click on full screen icon at bottom right of video.
Katie gets baptised in PICU
Katie's out of bed
A Katie Doll Day
Katie still fighting hard
Putting Katie into her wheelchair  May 12 2009
Katie Doll needs your love  July 14 2009

Katie Doll keeps up the fight
Katie's coming back     Oct 23 2009
Ran into Katie and her mom on the road back from her therapy in October 2011 and took above video.
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