Oct 10  Katie's friend Carson visited today (she was in the Go-Cart with Katie when the accident happened) they were always doing stuff together. You could tell Katie recognized her and was happy she came. I might add that Katie is still Katie and if you were her friend please don't forget about her. She understands that it probably isn't as much fun right now as it used to be, but it will be again one day and let's let her know she still matters. I love just sitting next to her and watching her smile,
  She is getting over a bug and was coughing more than usual but today wasn't as bad. Sometimes her head still droops but she will pull it straight either on her own or if told to. A couple times she was letting it just droop (always to the left side where she sort of leans in her chair) and Lynn told her to straighten and she did so immediately.
  She loves playing with her dad and likes to grab onto you if your close. Once I was asking her simple questions and helping her to nod yes or no when she just froze her head where it wouldn't move. It surprized me when she did that and right away a big smile. Katie's still Katie.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.

I miss you Katie,
-The Peanutguy
Katie laughing at boys yelling for pizza at Brandon's 11th birthday party Dec. 10th
Katie walks the paralell bars at therapy Dec. 8th
Katie holding her little cousin Dec. 10th.  As you can tell by the look on her face, she still Loves her babies.
Katie having very little support sitting up and crossed her legs on her own.
DEC 21   Tom,  Sorry it's been so long and there's no way I can catch you up on everything.  Katie's schedule is so busy; we never stop-It's unreal.  She has had a couple of colds (very sick at times) had another bronchoscopy, she is off the baclofen and her patch and doing all kinds of stuff.  She is moving her right arm and leg more and more, at times trying to climb out of bed. Last week at therapy she took 4 steps on her own without having to be cued or anything.  She's also making more sounds more often.  I gotta run I'm way behind and PT should be here any minute.  I'll try to talk to you soon.  Tell everyone to keep praying-God is doing amazing things with my baby!!!!!!  And Merry Christmas!!  Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!!    -Lynn

Dec 31 Hey Tom,  I say Katie will be walking by next Christmas if not before.  She walked across the room at the clinic Wed. and Thurs. this week.  Probably half the steps she took she initiated on her on and followed fhrough with the step!  Katie has come a long way with her right side the last 3 months- moving it more and more! She has had a couple of bad seizures the last couple of nights but in spite of everything, she's doing great.  Tell everyone to keep praying-God has a plan for my baby!  HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE DOLL HOUSE TO YOURS!!!!!!  I almost forgot, I should have video of her walking by next Wed. and I will get it to you for the website somehow.  Talk to you soon, Lynn
Katie pulled her hand out of the glove while quadricising today and held on to her hand grip on her own and quadricised for 10 minutes holding on without glove.
Jan 6  Katie is taking some steps with help and some without help. She's fighting so hard for so long. Please keep praying for Ms Katie Doll. ---->
Jan28 Well Katie saw her good friend Dr. Troup (Neurosurgeon) today, and as always-nothing has changed although Katie reached up and pulled his name tag off his sweater (checking his credentials) and would'nt give it back to him and smiled about it; And when he said that Katie has gone as far as she's going to go, Katie laughed out loud! I know the doctors can't do any more for Katie other than adjust meds. and stuff like that but like I've said from the beginning, "MY GOD CAN'!!!! I was told again today that Katie will never be able to do anything for herself. Sorry, My God tells me different! I will not let the enemy get to me nor will I let him take my faith; I will not grumble or complain- I will do what the Lord has given me to do with thankfulness and praise for my little miracle he has left in my care and when everything is in place Katie will walk on her own and once again I will hear her say, "I Love You, mommy" My baby has come a long way and we're not stopping now! My advice to everyone is to live every single day as if it were your last, Be happy, never go to bed upset or mad at anyone because you may not ever get the chance to fix what was wrong and live for God-no one can do for you what he can! Lynn
FEB 5 Tom here is a picture of Katie holding the phone listening to her old buddySteve(BALLERINA BOY) one of Tony's co-workers.  Tony was talking to him last Sat. and asked Katie if she wanted to talk to Steve and she took the phone from her daddy and put it straight to her ear and as you can see, she listened!
She did real good at the pool yesterday walking and holding her head up and straight.  The best she has done with her head in awhile!
Thanks to everyone who thinks of Katie and continues to pray for her-she is going to show and tell everyone who her healer is before long! Please keep praying for Katie and remember to thank God every morning when you wake up for Katie's progress and all your blessings he has showered upon you and your family.  God Bless,  Lynn (Katie's  Mom)
3-3-11  Hey Tom,  Sorry it's been so long but it's been extra crazy around here.  Nurse was out sick 4 a week. Then Katie got sick Sun. night before last and it's been Dr.s app. after Dr.s app. on top of everythingelse. Bloodwork; etc;  This is a picture I took of her this past Sun. when she was feeling much better and she had on her camo fishing hat trimmed in pink she got for her birthday (trying to keep the sun out of her eyes) and I told her I was going to have to get somebody to put boilednut.com on it in pink and she cracked up.  The sun was in the way but you can see how she was laughing.  Gotta get ready for aquatics then another Dr. app. so gotta run.  Talk to you soon.  Lynn
April 7 2011   Katie made the front page of the newspaper.  Click here and go to bottom of the page.
Lynzie shows her wrestling medal to sister Katie
JULY 18 2011
AUG 3 2011 Tom, Tammy snapped this picture today at therapy. As I told you on the phone Katie did better today with her steps than she has in quite awhile.  I've been walking her everyday since last week even if it's not but a little bit. Maybe I was being a little too easy on her; I don't know.  Amy (PT) rigged up Katie's gait trainer seat on a treadmill today and we put her on it and it kinda drug Katie's feet all the way to the back but eventually she picked them up and brought them back to the front where they were supposed to be a few times. But I got tickled and could'nt stop laughing and Katie got tickled. The more I laughed the more she laughed. Then we got her off and was planning on walking Katie over to the swing for a minute but she got tired and just stopped and propped one arm on my shoulder and Amy put the other arm on my other shoulder and Katie just laid her little head over on my head. It was so sweet! And she squeezed 2 or 3 times just like she was giving me a hug. It was deffinately an emotional and Kodak moment! Tammy ran and grabbed her phone and snapped a couple of pictures and I just Love this one. Anyway, it was deffinately a good day at therapy today. Don't you just Love this picture?  God is so good!  I still have'nt found a pciture or link to send you of the hot tub/swim spa/ thing; if I find one I will. Thanks Tom, talk to you soon. O I tried to flip the picture but I don't think it flipped. Surely you can tell which way it goes-Katie is standing up and I am squatting in front of her. Call you soon, Lynn

Oct 17 2011  At left is Katie enjoying a beautiful day in the park with mom Lynn.  Lynn said that the picture at right Katie is helping with her therapy and does this weight bearing part mostly on her own. She's getting stronger. She keeps fighting so hard.
  I saw Katie in her van a couple weeks ago and she broke out a brilliant smile when I popped in the van and said "Hey Katie, it's me Tom the peanutguy" I asked her to squeeze my hand and she did so immediately. I find it so hard that no one knows how to establish communications with her when she can often do this when asked.  Her mother told me she is making more and more sounds. If only someone knew how to communicate with her. Please pray.She still needs her feeding tube and Trachea tube. One day maybe that can go away. Imagine not even tasting food or drink for 3 years plus.
Nov 18 2011   I posted a short new video of Katie at the bottom of this page HERE.

This is Lynzie, Katie's sister. Some of you may know that Katie has been in the hospital since Saturday morning. She has pneumonia in both lungs and her blood isn't clotting like it's supposed to. The doctor says she's in pretty bad shape right now. Prayers are GREATLY appreciated, thanks to all who are joining us in prayer.
Also, I know y'all are concerned about my sister and want to know what's going on or want to help out, but if you don't mind, please don't text/call my mom right now. She's really busy and stressed out. I'll keep everyone updated on here. Thanks everyone again for your prayers and support.
The doctors had to place Katie on a machine called an oscillator, which my mom said is the "grandaddy of all ventilators." It keeps Katie's lungs fully open at all times because the regular ventilator was not keeping Katie's oxygen high enough. They have her in a medically-induced coma and in medically-induced paralysis because the oscillator can be very painful and movement can be harmful.
Katie's stats dropped really low last night. Her blood pressure dropped to around 40 over 30 and her body temperature was 91 degrees. She very well could have left us last night, but God has His hand in this situation and He says it ain't time for her to go yet!
The doctors say that her condition is very critical and will remain so for several weeks. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support, prayers, and love being sent my sister's way. God bless all of y'all. (Tuesday).
Nov 30 Katie is in a little trouble as of Saturday and needs your prayers right now. Lynn called me and said she was in the Hospital and her condition was stable but uncertain right now. (3 pm today) Her sister sent the below email. I will post any updates as soon as I know anything new. -Tom
Nov 30 11 pm   Just got back from hospital where Lynn is watching Katie closely. Katie is being kept in a coma like state so she cannot feel pain or move and create physical problems. She is staring at the ceiling. I don't know if she heard but I told her how much everyone loves and is praying for her. Monday her blood pressure had dropped to 37/19 and thats about as close as you can get. It was 117/67 a while ago. The doctors saying she has plateaued and could go either way now. At best she will be there 3 more weeks. (Home for Christmas?)  Lynn told me before Saturday Katie has been incurring some bruising on her arms and legs because she sometimes hits the bed rails trying to get out of bed or elevate herself in it. This is new and probably good. Right now however we all need to pray very hard. Katie must be hanging on for a reason. This girl has been in a battle for almost 4 years and is not quitting. She is the strongest fighter anyone could ever know. Please pray for her mom also. Neither are quitters and have amazing stamina and will. They deserve to win this fight. -Tom
Dec 2 Katie had an x-ray of her lungs and for two days in a row the doctor is saying she has had some improvement. She will be kept in the coma state for a while longer but this is good news. Your prayers are at work again and thank you everyone. I will post any changes here as fast as possible.
Also there is a short pre-injury video at boilednut.com click on 'local club' page.
Dec 4 They turned Katie onto her stomach and have been getting a lot of junk out of her lungs. She is still being kept in the coma for now.
Dec 7 2011  Went to see Katie today and took  these pics and short video. Good news is she has improved and even looks better today. The sound you hear in the video is the ventilator pump keeping her lungs open. There was a partial collapse yesterday and they actually had to put a tube thru her side into her lung. There was a hole causing air to be forced outside her lungs thereby putting pressure on her lungs from the created air pockets.
   We are hoping now that Katie can go back on the regular ventilator tomorrow or soon and then possibly be brought out of her induced coma. What she has now would be too painful.
   I have often heard people in coma's can hear very well. I don't know but just in case we talk to Katie a lot. Today,like the old days, I read to her for a while and I always tell her how much I and many others love her

                                                    Katie Doll  Room 5615
                                   Greenville Memorial Hospital
                                             701 Grove Rd.
                                         Greenville SC 29605
It's not too late, she is going to be there awhile.
So far this isn't looking like a Christmas you would hope for.
  Dec 10 They were able to get Katie back on a regular ventilator but are still keeping her in the coma like state as they don't want her moving around yet. Hopefully they will bring her out of this soon and we will see that beautiful smile again. Today I was feeling down about something in my life and thought about Katie's face up in that hospital. Instantly,  I was over my little problem.
DEC 11 Katie is beginning to move a little every now and then but not much and not often. She is still being kept a little sedated because of the bronch and being taken off the oscilator and to simply because she has been so sick. Her electrolytes were a little off again this morning but thats minor. Her chest x-ray was pretty hazy which made the dr. think they made the switch a little too soon so he went up a little on the pressure to her lungs to help assure they wouldn't collapse. Other than that she is doing good and she looks a little better-not so swollen in her face. It's going to be a little slow - probably a week or so on this vent. I am ready for her to start smiling and acting like Katie but I know she has got to be worn out from all of this and just needs a little more healing time. Lynzie or I will keep posting as she progresses. Thanks again for all your prayers and concern for Katie-- Moma
If you wish to send any get well cards or gifts please send them to----->
Dec 15  Katie's dosage of Vercet has been reduced enough where she no longer completely out yet still drowsy but moving somewhat. Her eyes are still infected which happened since she was admitted. They keep putting vaseline in them because they dry out. Her lungs may be some better as they did lower the amount of air the ventilator pumps. Hopefully they have healed some and she can come off this eventually. They take daily x-rays buy today so far no one has talked to Lynn, who has moved in with Katie up there, about them.  By moving Katie frequently Lynn has always been able to prevent bed sores but she has now that to work with also. They have a special bed now but must keep her tailbone elevated until this too heals. Her oxygen is reading great at 99% and blood pressure good. We don't think she is that uncomfortable but certainly is not smiling yet or enjoying being in that place. Katie is still in serious condition up there in PICU   -Tom
Dec 17  They took Katie off her ventilator for 7 full hours before they had to put it back today. This is a sign of improvement. Also her eyes are some better and more attention is being paid to her potential bed sores. I hope to see her soon and post a picture or two. -Tom