My Katie Story
Many people have been affected by the love, happiness and constant smile of Ms. Katie Doll. If you remember something you would like to share click the email button below and send it to us. Also, if you wish to share a photo click word email on 1st page and attach it.   
                 Hi.        This is from Lisa Udon!!!! I miss Katie very much and visited her on Sunday.  I have been very worried about her. Everyone in class misses her too. She and I have had lots of fun together. I remember best the last time she came over to my house and we played guitar hero together. We laughed and laughed. I copied her pictures off her website to have with me.                       Love, Lisa
Hi, I am Jacqui Lane and my daughter Emma is a classmate of Katie's.  They are in chorus together at school and stand next to each other at performances.  This last Christmas on the field trips for the chorus to the TR Bank and the Hyatt Hotel, Katie sang like no one was listening and dancing like no one was watching!  She had all the people that were standing in audience in awe.  She was the shining star!  Our prayers are with Katie and the family and we are claiming a miracle for her, in JESUS NAME!  Where two or more are gathered there he will be also.  Amen                We love you Katie
Katie is the sister of my best friend Lynzie. I've seen Katie grow up. I've watched her mature into a beautiful young lady. She's got the most beautiful smile, and the best laugh! She means a lot to me. She's been like another little sister. The best memories I have with Katie are either jumping on the trampoline or watching her perform little songs and dances. She's such a little spit-fire, always full of energy and joy.I love her and miss her with all my heart.                             -Ashley Kickasola.
Hi, I am one of Katie’s friends Kirsten, and one of my best memories with Katie was pretending we were cheetah girls and we sung together all day and had a great time, and I know that she is going to do that again, and she was really fun to hang out with and always had a beautiful smile on her face. She was always full of joy and happiness and one of the most, bright beautiful people I have ever known. I know God is going to help her get through this!

              ~Kirsten Kickasola~ ♥

Katie used to take over my peanut stand and would beat me to the customers who adored her. When she wasn't there they would ask "Where is that beautiful little girl today? She was so nice."
In between we would make up games. One was rhyming, where you had to come back with a word that rhymes.  If she said pill I had to say something like mill or hill then back and forth. Katie put a 3 second timer on it. If you couldn't think of a rhyming word in 3 seconds it was a mini hit in the arm. Katie could hit good.  I can't even describe how much I'm missing her-pnutguy
hey katie i love you so much i miss you a lot get well soon                                   BYhaileyhollar

  It is so amazing how sobering something like this is. Katie is my baby sister, and I never realized how much I truly love her. It is immensely painful watching my little girl lie there so helplessly while we feel like there is something we could do. The only thing we can do for Katie is pray. God will have the glory.
    I remember how I used to get so mad at Katie for sneaking into my room and scaring me, or singing louder than the radio (i'd give anything to hear that now.), or annoying the heck out of me when i had company.
    I know that God will do whatever is best for all of us. This situation has greatly strengthened my faith in Him. God makes good things come out of bad situations.           
                                                                                   -Lynzie J Doll.
This is Cheryl. I am Carsons moma. Katie has been a big part of Carson's life for several years. Katie has always loved Carson and her brother and sisters. She was always loving on them. One of the few friends that was actually nice to her siblings. Carson and Katie have their own webkins id and Carson has been taking very good care of Katies webkins for her while she is not able to. We pray everyday for God to "show off" and let the world know that He is the same God as he was years ago and that He can still makes things happen. All of my kids absolutely love Katie. That is a rare find. Katie is a rare find. I love ya Katie Bug!!!
hey this is katies best friend im the one in the accident but yeah i love katie with all my heart, and just wanted yall to pray extremely bad and if yall wanted to go and see here shes at greenville memorial hospital... but shes looks really bad write now and i know shes gonna make thru all of this and shes gonna be all right hopefully.dont worry cause everything is all right but just keep prayin harder & harder every day and hopefully with every one praying she will get better & better every day so people all im asking is for you to keep katie best friend,    -Carson

I`m also a good friend of katie`s. Her family would bring horses to my church and we used to play together. Everytime i saw katie`s smile down the hallway it would make me smile. I miss katie and I am praying for her. Love you katie!!!
*Autumn M*
Miss you katie!!! Love you!!
*autumn m*  :) :) :) WITH HAPPINESS

I prayed to God that he would wrap his arms around this family, and
hold little Katie tightly in his care. I prayed that her life would not be
cut short, and that she will grow stronger and stronger each day.
I do not know you. But I have children of my own- and it could be
me instead of you.
You are in my steadfast prayers. Please be strong, and know that
people everywhere have read your story and we are out here rallying
for Katie and for your family. She is a beautiful girl and I know you are
very very proud.
God Speed,
Dolvin and Hunter Henry
Chesnee, SC
I Miss kaite she will get better she in my heart and always will be and i know she will get past this i know so shes a sweetheart i love her and i know she will get past this...I MISS U ,SHAYLA

Hi Katie's family. My name is Tonya and although you don't know me I just want you to know that I am praying for a miracle for your precious little girl. Most people can't say that they know what you are going through or feeling, but I honestly can. We just spent some time in the Picu also and our daughter fought a hard fight, so I do know just to well what you are dealing with. I would love to talk to any of the family members if they would like. I do know that God is in the miracle working business and He does still hear our prayers even when we feel like He's not there. Please feel free to share my email address or phone number with anyone that would like to just talk. and 864-940-6993 anytime is ok.

My prayers are with Katie and the whole family and we have her on our prayer chain at our Church.
Katie always had a smile on when i saw her. She's the Best Kind Of Friend someone could have. she always was so happy and loved to help. i wish she could be here on,back in the classroom learring with her friends. everyone who reads this pray for her and her family. I miss you katie.
         Love sarah richardson 
My nephew, Justin Cunningham is in the PICU right now with Katie.  He was in an ATV accident.  When we arrived at the hospital and heard about Katie, every time I lift Justin's name up to God I think about Katie as well.  I am praying for both of them along with all the children on the hall and in the whole hospital.  I know it is so hard ot understand why we must face these things, but we aren't meant to understand.  God wouldn't give us anything we can't handle. As bad as we feel for Justin, our heart aches for Katie.  Your family must double-strong and God knows it.  He knows you will fight for her and she will fight for her own life.  I am so glad I got to view this site.  I wonder what is going on with her and how she is impoving each day but do not want to bother any of the family up there.  This site is a way for us all to keep in touch.  WHoever created this site, did an excellent job showing her personality and the things she adores.  I feel as though I know her.  I love all the photos of school and her friends.  She is beautiful!  I feel in my soul that God will bless her.  He is blessing so many others by knowing her story.  I am so glad you all have found a way to display her life and share with others. I will email this site to all my family and friends and I know they will pray also.  Remember Mary had to suffer with her own son too, God will pull you thru, Gail Cunningham
Hey I am Katie's FerFer.. I have known Katie Since she was one maybe two years old... I love her so very much. She is a wonderful little girl... And she is a fighter she will be strong again.. we just have to continue to pray for her.... Every day I look for updates... And today I went to see her and I honestly think that helps... I am so ready to hear her laugh again... I love you like no other Flower! :D                        FerFer

I know Katie from my church and school and girls on the run and i miss her beautiful smile and she would always cheer me up!!!! She was really a good person and i miss her soso much and i am sooo glad she got babtized!!!!! I had never saw her with a frown. But she is in my prayers and in every one elses!!! I love you Katie!!!         - With Love SamI
I don't know Katie personally, but I go to BRMS and I have seen the impact she has had on so many people there!!! My younger cousin Brooke Saxon, is in Katie's class at school and one day when she was over she and Brooke and Levi were riding bikes outside our house and I just remeber watching Katie singing and playing like the care free little girl I understand she was! She was such a pretty girl and I am praying for her daily!       - Rebecca Stone

Katie, I miss you and can't wait till you get well so we can play again! I love you!       -Brooke Saxon!

email me
Hi to the family, This is the family of  Evan Rice. Katie is being prayed for by all of us.  Lynn, I know where you are mentally and physically right now. I know Katie's work here on earth is unfinished. God gave another chance for a reason. I pray for her speedy recover and I pray for you. As a mother we have strengths unknown and can come together to poor all the unconditional love into someone they need. Our hearts go out to you and your family.  With love, April Evan Ethan and Elizabeth Rice.

Hey this is katies friend cassandra i couldn't belive it when lisa told me katie had been in accedent it is so painful and katies family are having a very hard time with it.KATIE we all miss you and hope you get better soon everyone keep katie in your thoughts and prayers. You know that god can make miricles and katie well hopefully be talking and walking in no time at all. GET BETTER SOON KATIE WE LOVE YOU.

Hey!  Anna wore a tshirt that said Katie is number one.  I liked it, because I think you are great too.  Pastor Derrick told us that you wanted to be baptized.  I am so glad he got to do this for you.  I miss seeing you at school and church.  Pastor Derrick had pictures of you on the screen at church and we prayed for you and your family.  I hope you get well soon and all my friends and everyone at school and church are praying for you.     Love,Savannah Lipscomb
Know that we are all praying for you and your family Katie.  We will continue to keep you in our prayers.  Know that God is always with you.                               -Tony, Elaine, Stephanie, and Samantha Lipscomb

Hi, I am Alyssa Howard's mom, she is in the same grade as Katie.  I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for Katie everyday.  I can't even begin to imagine what the family is going through.  Katie is such a precious little girl and full of life.  God will see you through this time.  Please let us know if we can do anything for you.  God Bless You!                                                                                                           -LOVE Robert, Aminda, and Alyssa Howard and Kacie Benson.

Nancy, thanks for the info on your Mom and Tom.
Also, I was astounded that I had never heard about Katie!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  We plan to attend the benefit for her on May 4 and make a contribution to her fund.  I also will forward this on to family and friends across the country who can also pray for Katie.  God works in mysterious ways!  Tom also did a beautiful job of setting up her website.  - Emma

Hi. My name is Allison and I had a friend forward an e-mail to me at work explaining Katie's terrible accident and that she needed our prayers. So I prayed and went to Katie's website and saw pictures of  that beautiful young girl….my heart was overwhelmed! I can't even imagine the devastation to your family! I have a 12 year old daughter and she is MY HEART! Just as Katie is yours. I felt compelled to write you and let you know that I am praying for you and your family! I know first hand what God is capable of! I pray that she awakens one day just out of the blue! Fully healed and healthy! I pray for you, her mother, that God gives you the will to open your eyes every day and gives you undeniable strength and courage to face this reality.  I know it may seem strange because I don't know you, but I do know the love a mother has for her child. It's like no other!  Just know that when things get overwhelming, that you are not in this alone!! And that complete strangers have been touched by Katie's smile and we are praying for her recovery! God Bless!                                       -Allison Ballenger
   i am one of Katies Best friends Alyssa Howard. I am praying for Katie everyday and I know she will get better,         - Your friend Alyssa Howard

Hi, I work at Jimmy and Pete's clock I'm friends with Anthony and Keli Doll, and with the Bracken family. I just want you to know that all of us at the clock and my family are praying for Katie. I hope and pray everything goes good for her and her family. I so will pray for Katie's mother. You're a strong woman and wih your love and prayers you can make it through thiis       -Sincerely Jodi, J&PClock

I am one of Katie's(SALLY) Best of friends!! i can not wait until she is better so we can go to college together and teach at the same school!! We will be COOL teachers you are always in my thoughts and prayers KATIE!!   I miss you very much!!! the times we have played together were the BEST!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!! You rock !!!    BFF  -anna 
i went 2 tigerville last year and i didnt know katie that well but even not knowing me she was always polite to me held the door for me anything she could to help she was always smiling seemed so happy i will keep her in my prayers
      kennedy crump
      blue ridge middle 6th
I am Katie's neighbor and friend. She is very tough. I know she has improved and will still improve. I personially have gone through the pains and aches that the family is going through. I  am privileged to be like a part of the family. Every time I pass her house I think about the times we shared and our last conversation on the phone three days before the accident. Katie and I have known each other since June of 2007. I have truely loved every minite I spent with her. Katie and I went to the same school Tigerville. She is an inspiration. My friends at school are always looking for updates. The spring break it happened was the worst for me and Katies whole family. We will keep her in our prayers always. I might cry every time I pray for her but I jump with joy when I here good news. She will get better if it is Gods will.
Love Katie Bugs Best Friend,                                                              - Kelsey Doss (KKD)
I just read katie's storie and I cannot imagine what you are feeling and how you are dealing with all your pain. I just know one thing to tell to trust in the Lord and he will help you through it. I have five children from 11 mos to 10 years and I pray everyday for them  to be safe. I wish there was a way I could help you and make eveything better. I will have my church First Baptist of Travelers Rest pray for her recovery and for you and your family.
You have touched my heart and I will keep you in my prayers
-Jennifer Lewis
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