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Pam Underwood- Katie- Mom Lynn Doll - Dr Chris Troup -Rep from Kids Wish Network presenting Katie with The HERO award July 23 2008
Katie at home with Kids Wish awards July 23 2008
Vicky with the man who God helped to save Katie Dolls life... neurosurgeon Dr Chris Troup at his office July 23 2008
Back in the bed Katie is spending most of her current life. July 24 2008.
With her caring and kind home nurse Missy july 23 2008
Katies new bedroom wing under construction July 21 2008
In her temporary wheelchair July 24 2008
Mother and child back in June at the hospital.
Tom (pnutguy) enjoys reading to Katie on a regular basis.
Jack Roper visits the Doll home to see Katie.
Grandfather with his favorite girl.
6 short years ago.
Early morning bright eyes.
Katie with the purple christmas tree she always wanted in her new room. Christmas Day '08
Christmas '08 in Katie's room.
Before December surgery
Ready for bed...Goodnight Katie
KT in her High School Musical Boggin.
Katie in her van 2 pm Jan 31
Katie in her Van Jan 31
Reminding her how much I love her.
Feb 12 '09
Eleven candles Katie
Pnutguy & Katie enjoying 'The Runaway Dolls'
Official Reader with Katie
Lynn took this while Katie seemed more alert than usual.
Enjoying another book March 4 2009..I wear the hat a lot as I know Katie may remember it. Katie does not turn her head toward me on her own yet.
Sleeping Beauty and cousin Elizabeth
Katie visits PnutGuys stand in her van.
Katie gets lots of visits from close friend Anna
Katie with some bedroomies.
Mother and child.
Katies new wink
In her stander with new therapist Amy.
Katie all heart
Happier times. Portrait on the wall.
With Brandon and Carson June 10 2009
Carson with best friend
Last photo of this amazingly beautiful face before June 15 surgery.
Peanutguy Tom with his HERO
Going to watch sis wrestle at BR High School
June 25 Katie with mom a & Tom
On her back porch
A video excerpt of that brilliant smile.
Got to admit it's getting better
It's getting better all the time
Katie smiles when her dad and brother are laughing and playing around her.
Smiling at the giggling baby.
Tom (peanutguy)with his hero.
Waiting for evaluation with brother Brandon learning his yoyo.
Mother and daughter at Dr Troups
Going to the Care Center
Katie's 1st visit to The Care Center
Katie looks up for camera
Katie's sitting up
Two buds
Tom and Katie on the phone again
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